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Jeff Flees
Founder and President of Loan Academy, LLC.

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Jeff Flees, Founder and President of Loan Academy, LLC, is a notable financial professional and entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in the mortgage banking and financial services sector. His vast knowledge, experience, and professionalism have helped countless consumers and financial professionals make better financial decisions over the years.


At Loan Academy, Jeff Flees provides consulting and recruiting services to mortgage professionals and companies throughout the nation. Having owned a residential branch company for over 14 years, his knowledge and contacts in the retail “net” branch marketplace and mortgage industry is significant. We provide solutions and mutually beneficial opportunities to both our partner companies and individual mortgage professionals.


Jeff Flees is the author of Mortgage Secrets, Strategies, and Warnings (available on Amazon). This book provides consumers with inside information on how to save thousands of dollars when obtaining a home mortgage.


With Loan Academy, Life Does Get Better!


Connect with Jeff Flees on LinkedIn.



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