Looking for Top Producing Mortgage Sales Professionals? Learning Ability May Be the No. 1 Predictor

Great mortgage companies are built with exceptional people! In the mortgage recruiting business, many companies value a college education and screen candidates based on whether or not they obtained a degree. While formal education is important, it may not predict on-the-job success. The degree may have been in a different field of study, occurred years ago, or obtained through unusual circumstances. In the business and mortgage world, learning ability may be the single most important predictor of exceptional sales managers and loan officers. While it is important that candidates have the capability to do the job, they must also possess the ability to continually learn new things. The reasons

Strategies for Retaining Your Best Sales Managers and Loan Officers

Great mortgage companies are built with exceptional people! Exceptional Sales Managers and Loan Officers are extremely important in order to build a great company. Why don’t companies work as hard to retain them as they do to recruit them? While a great opportunity may exist within your organization, too often, successful mortgage sales professionals feel they need to change companies in order to advance their careers. We know that mortgage sales professionals compete on price, products, and service. Failure to be competitive in these areas will lead sales professionals to make a change. Additionally, money and compensation are critical to sales professionals. However, these are not the only

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