The 5 P’s of Recruiting Mortgage Sales Professionals – With a Unique Perspective

Great mortgage companies are built with exceptional people! In the mortgage recruiting business, potential sales professionals are evaluating different companies in search of an ideal situation to advance their careers. Often referred to as the “Five P’s”, these essential factors are: 1. Pay: Common questions and issues that arise are: What is the compensation model and structure? Is there a salary or draw against commissions? What commission structure/basis points are paid on closed loans? What infrastructure and marketing support are provided that affects my pay or compensation? 2. People: What is the culture of the organization? Are there strong senior management leaders? Are they trustwo

Do Job Boards Work in Hiring Exceptional Sales Managers and Loan Officers?

Great mortgage companies are built with exceptional people! With the goal of hiring talented mortgage sales managers and loan officers, recruiting professionals and mortgage companies utilize various strategies to find the right candidates. These include company websites, participating in social media platforms, sending out email campaigns to candidate databases, direct mail pieces, attending trade shows and industry events, and posting job ads on the various job boards. However do job boards really work? Let’s start by understanding who makes up the job market. There are three overlapping candidate pools in the employment marketplace. First, there are the unemployed job seekers. Secondly, a

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