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How Important Is Company Culture When Recruiting Exceptional Mortgage Branch Managers and Loan Offic

Great mortgage companies are built with exceptional people!

Culture is a set of beliefs, values, goals, attitudes, principles, and behaviors that define a group of people. Often, culture is the most important factor branch managers and loan officers consider when making a decision to change companies. Other major considerations are pay, pricing, products, people, and processes.

Great mortgage companies usually have a culture of excellence where they provide their employees opportunities to advance their careers, do meaningful work, and benefit their community and society.

Primary benefits that companies receive from culturally committed employees are:

  1. Lower hiring costs as employees are more likely to remain in an organization, and it is easier to recruit top talent.

  2. Higher productivity and increased sales.

  3. Increased loyalty from customers and referral sources.

Tips for creating and cultivating company culture:

  1. Define it – stand for something so that current and future employees are clear what your mission is.

  2. Live it – integrate your mission and goals into the fabric of your organization.

  3. Communicate it – share your story often.

  4. Work it – execute on your cultural mission and goals.

  5. Be different – it’s refreshing.

It’s all about the people. Healthy cultures hire managers and loan officers who are aligned with the corporate culture, yet add an element of diversity to it.

If you are a mortgage sales professional looking to make a change, ask yourself:

  1. Is there a clear and defined culture of excellence or does the company lack direction and purpose?

  2. Is my personality, business strategy, and career goals aligned well with the company?

  3. If you make a change, do you expect to win, be successful, or are you hoping everything will work out?

It is undeniable that culture matters. Companies with “high trust” cultures crush the competition; employees thrive, customer’s benefit and profits follow.

Jeff Flees • • (877) 721-4822

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