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A Non-producing Branch/Area Manager Opportunity Can Be Damaging to Your Mortgage Career!

Great mortgage companies are built with exceptional people!

Are you at a point in your career where you want to stop originating and become a non-producing branch or area manager? Are you looking to make this change because you are a great leader and developer of successful mortgage sales professionals or because you are “burned-out” of originating? Either way, this could be a dangerous change.

While being a non-producing manager sounds great, make sure it will advance your career, not put it at risk.

  • What will you do if you lose your non-producing manager opportunity because you don’t deliver profitable results?

  • What if your company decides to change corporate strategy eliminating your position?

  • What will you do if the company culture, compensation, pricing, operations, or fulfillment deteriorates?

  • What if you have a non-solicitation agreement in place and can’t bring your team with you to a new opportunity?

Non-producing management jobs are difficult to obtain with the best lenders and being successful with a second-tier company may be difficult. Furthermore, if you stop originating, you may lose the business relationship with your referral network and past clients, making it difficult if you need to start originating again. Being a non-producing sales manager is challenging.

The following are key skills you will need to be successful:

  1. The ability to manage sales and operations staff

  2. The ability to recruit and retain top producing sales managers and loan officers

  3. The ability to train and motivate your team

  4. The ability to develop business from marketing strategies

  5. The ability to deliver profitable results

  6. The ability to manage your time, responsibilities, and delegate

While a non-producing management opportunity may advance your career, make sure you have the skills above before pursuing one. Additionally, if you are currently a producing manager or loan officer, we recommend you continue to originate for 3-6 months when you make a change. This will improve the likelihood of delivering profitable results along with time to recruit, train, and develop a solid team and additional business. Furthermore, it will give you time to make sure the company culture, infrastructure, and operations are committed to non-producing managers and the right fit for your long-term career.

Jeff Flees • • (877) 721-4822

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